A dynamic herbal remedy system

As a Natural Health Practitioner I treat your illness with Natural Remedies. I specialise in Homeobotanical Therapy, which restores the body gently back to good health. There are no side effects and it can be used by everyone, including babies, the elderly and pregnant women.

Self help is a large part of maintaining good health. Arming you with those skills is a large part of my job. Often there are many small unhealthy habits that when combined, can cause a malfunction, leading to unpleasant symptoms and illness if not addressed.

My point of difference is that I work to locate, treat and remedy the cause of your ill health, symptoms are messages from the body to alert us to a 'malfunction'.

Treatment Process

I muscle test everyone I see and I prescribe Homeobotanical remedies based on the results of this testing process. Homeobotanical herbal remedies work at the cellular level of the body unblocking organs and systems enabling drainage and healing to take place.


A full internal body cleanse which incorporates diet and Homeobotanical Therapy is recommended at 6 monthly intervals. I highly recommend this before winter, especially anyone with a depleted immune system.

People in professions where there is a high exposure to chemicals, for example painters, cleaners and gardeners... should also incorporate the Homeobotanical Detox Therapy. Both the internal body cleanse and detox for these individuals should be done 3 monthly.

Long Term Benefit

We all want good health and it can be achieved with Natural Remedies and good health practices. I arm you with the knowledge you need to change your lifestyle.

Common Conditions include

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Consultation Fees

Initial consulatation of 1 hour
Adult $60.00
Student/over 65's $50.00
Children (under 16) $35.00

Follow up consultations time priced - minimum $30 charge.

Homeobotanicals are priced from $25 per bottle